January 25, 2024

Top Games Like The Exit 8 for Observation Horror Fans

The Exit 8 is an Unreal Engine game that takes twists the "Find the differences" horror genre started by other games to create something unique.

If you are a fan of these kind of games and are looking for more games like this, here is a list of some games that are similar to The Exit 8 in the Observation Horror genre.

Escape Floor Zero


Trapped in an infinite parking lot, your only escape is through Floor Zero. Detect subtle anomalies and make crucial decisions in this mind-bending, psychological horror experience. Dare to escape the unescapable? If you see an anomaly... turn back.

Escape Floor Zero is an unreleased steam game that is like The Exit 8 but in parking lot. It's an Unreal Engine game in which you need to find the subtle ( or sometimes terrifying ) anomalies to decide if you carry forward or go back.

From this list it would be the game that is more similar to The Exit 8 as you play in first person and walk around the environment instead of simply looking through cameras.

I'm on Observation Duty


Your job is to monitor live surveillance camera footage and spot anomalies in the monitored rooms. Anomalies range from furniture movement to otherworldly intruders. When you spot an anomaly you have to file a report to fix it. You will need sharp eyes and good memory to survive the entire night.

This is one of the earliest, but not the first one, games in the Observation Horror genre. It manages to build tension with it's simple yet interesting premise of checking out camera after camera in hopes of finding anomalies and clearing them out.



You've been tasked to observe supposedly haunted locations. Observe and log paranormal events and use the tools at your disposal to gather data on any potential paranormal threats and exterminate them if necessary.

One of the selling points of DEATWATCH is both it's twitch integration as well as the fact that you can play this game in VR, amping up even more the horror factor of the game. Recently a sequel has been anounced which features 4 player co-op to take yet another twist at the genre.



Para Eyes is a spot the difference horror game. Flip through security cameras and find anomalies. But be careful not to go insane.

Para Eyes innovated in the genre by giving an easier way to tag anomalies: Simply hold your mouse curser over them while pressing a button. This way, it streamlined the way that anomalies are detected into a more suer-friendly experience. At the same time it also added challenges and unlockables, creating a sense of progression for the player.

I'm on Observation Duty 6


As an employee of a mysterious organization your job is to monitor live surveillance camera footage and spot anomalies using your sharp eyes and good memory. Can you survive the entire night shift or will you succumb into paranoia?

This new entry in the series showcases how after 6 games the level of polish and graphical quality has increased. Taking ideas from other games in the genre the anomaly detection is also more streamlined but the variety of locations and anomalies still remains, making it a good game if you like the I'm on Observation Duty series.

The creation of a new Horror Genre

If you enjoy the Observation Horror genre, right now there are not many games in this new genre, but little by little we see small studios create new entries, each of them with their own twist of theme or mechanics. As more games in this genre appear I might start adding them to the list or creating a new post all together. So if you enjoy games like The Exit 8 or Escape Floor Zero I hope you will see more games like these in the future.