January 14, 2024

10 Games Made With Unreal Engine 5


Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) stands at the forefront of game development technology, revolutionizing the way we experience gaming with its groundbreaking features. From ultra-realistic graphics to enhanced performance, UE5 is a game-changer in the truest sense.

Knowing what other studios are doing with Unreal Engine 5 is a good way to see how the technology evolves and what the engine is capable of.

In this exploration, I will delve into 10 spectacular games developed using Unreal Engine 5, each showcasing the engine's capabilities in unique and exciting ways.


The latest iteration of the legendary fighting game series, TEKKEN 8, leaps forward with Unreal Engine 5. Utilizing UE5's advanced rendering capabilities, the game boasts incredibly detailed character models and dynamic environments. The realistic lighting and enhanced particle effects add depth to every punch and kick, making each fight more immersive than ever.

2. Lords of the Fallen

This action RPG steps up its game with UE5. Lords of the Fallen leverages the engine to create a dark, immersive world teeming with menacing foes and breathtaking landscapes. The advanced lighting and shadow effects enhance the eerie atmosphere, while the detailed textures bring the game's gothic settings to life.

3. Remnant II

A sequel to the popular action RPG, Remnant II uses UE5 to elevate its post-apocalyptic world. The game features enhanced visual fidelity, with detailed environments and lifelike character animations. UE5's capabilities allow for more dynamic and interactive worlds, increasing the depth and immersion of the gameplay.

4. The Finals

The Finals showcases Unreal Engine 5's prowess in creating high-octane, competitive environments. The game boasts stunningly realistic arenas where players engage in intense battles. UE5's physics and destructible environments add a new layer of strategy and excitement, making each match a unique experience.

5. Fortnite

Epic Games’ own Fortnite transitioned to UE5, introducing a significant visual upgrade to the battle royale landscape. With improved lighting, more detailed environments, and fluid gameplay, Fortnite demonstrates UE5’s versatility in enhancing a game known for its unique aesthetic while maintaining optimal performance.

We'll see how Epic Games will bring the game forward now with the advent of UEFN and the Verse Programming Language in the future.

6. Meet Your Maker

This innovative title uses UE5 to create a world where creativity and destruction go hand in hand. Meet Your Maker stands out with its customizable environments, where players can build and destroy structures. UE5’s advanced building tools and physics engines make for a truly interactive and dynamic experience.

7. RoboCop: Rogue City

Bringing a beloved franchise to life, RoboCop: Rogue City utilizes UE5 to deliver an authentic and immersive RoboCop experience. The game features detailed urban landscapes and a high level of character detail, capturing the essence of the iconic series while pushing the boundaries of graphic fidelity.

8. Immortals of Aveum

Set in a magical world, Immortals of Aveum takes full advantage of UE5's capabilities to create spellbinding environments and spell effects. The game's use of lighting and particle effects brings its fantasy world to life, providing players with an immersive magical experience.

9. ARK: Survival Ascended

An expansion of the popular survival game, ARK: Survival Ascended leaps into UE5 territory. This upgrade enhances the game's already impressive world, adding more detailed dinosaurs and lush environments. UE5's global illumination and advanced textures make

for a more realistic and engaging survival experience, where every element of the prehistoric ecosystem feels alive and dynamic.

10. Night Crows

Night Crows stands as a testament to UE5’s ability to create atmospheric and suspenseful gaming experiences even for massive online role playing games. Set in a dark, mysterious world, the game uses UE5's advanced lighting and shadow systems to enhance its moody aesthetic. The intricate detail in environments and characters, combined with UE5’s audio capabilities, makes for a hauntingly immersive experience.


These 10 games represent the cutting edge of what's possible with Unreal Engine 5. From the high-octane battles of The Finals to the eerie world of Night Crows, UE5 is redefining gaming standards, pushing the limits of visual fidelity and immersive gameplay.

As more developers adopt this powerful engine, we can anticipate a future of gaming that's more realistic, engaging, and visually stunning than ever before. 

We can expect that there will be many more games made with Unreal Engine 5.